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About Zlateya

Situated in the heart of the picturesque small village Madara in Shumen region, guesthouse `Zlateya` offers its guests complete rest in calm atmosphere, far from the noise and the vanity of the big city. It seems like a feeling of ultimate peace is everywhere here and a scent of inside harmony, where you’ll forget about the ominous stress and tense that are deep inside our everyday life. Guesthouse ‘Zlateya’ is a cosy place enchanting with its unique nature and marvellous landscapes among the wild Bulgarian nature and its countless treasures. Be our guests at guesthouse ‘Zlateya’ where we’ll pamper you with special attention, wonderful views and many ideas for walks and entertainments while you are stayed with us. Once you arrive you’ll be introduced into an extremely pleasant and overwhelming all your senses environment among the mountain in which however you will not miss any extras from your everyday life. The guesthouse offers a cosy rest zone that is arranged in modern and contemporary style. Each premises are supplied with a comfortable soft furniture and additional extras and in the very core of the house you’ll find our swimming pool for everyone who wants to chill out the live summer feelings.

Just to let you know- the mornings by us, spent in pleasant chatting to each other with a cup of coffee in the nice atmosphere on the terrace are simply lovely spent.

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The first impression that we leave on our guests, once we welcomed them in our house, is of great importance for us. That is why guesthouse with a swimming pool ‘Zlateya’ is focused on your needs and preferences as our visitors so that you enjoy a blissful calm and real rest while you’re stayed with us.


Landmarks Nearby


Nestled at the foot of the aforementioned sanctuary with enormous historical-archaeological importance small village, impresses all passionate travelers, running away from the burden of the everyday city life, with fresh and clean air, majestic landscapes and numerous interesting landmarks that you are going to love deeper with every next day!

Historical-archaeological sanctuary ‘Madara’ is located at about 2 km. away from the named after it small village and not more than 17 km. away from the town of Shumen. There are many legends about this miracle of nature such as for the existence of cave sanctuaries hidden deep in the area, hermit cells and more. Furthermore, local people still believe in the building of many ancient sanctuaries, temples, and estates through the ages. The spiritual and material abundance of the culture of many primitive ethnic communities back in time is the evidence for this. Another interesting fact that grabs the attention of our guests immediately is the origin of the name ‘Madara’. Locals believe in the widely spread theory that the name ‘madara’ comes from Оld-Bulgarian language and means ‘holy rock’.

On your way to ‘Madara’ sanctuary, we advise you to pay special attention to the unique rock bas-relief known as ‘Madara Rider’. Masterfully sculpted on a height of 23 meters rider is a perfect pattern of the extremely rich Bulgarian medieval culture

There are many stories about the origin of the Madara rider as the most popular of them is telling us about a Latin king who had been hunting in the area and died after falling from one of the gaping rocks. Right after his death his relatives ordered a master to immortalize the memory for the king by chipping his image on the rock.

Apart from ‘Madara rider’ that is a wonderful example of our rich early medieval culture, there are certainly many other things that can be seen around.

If you take your way to the right of the rider you’ll enjoy another marvelous landmark hidden in the surroundings of the picturesque Shumen small village Madara called Madara fortress.

If you want to reach its majestic presence, take the eco path that starts directly from the road right of the ‘Madara rider’. Following the path, you’ll reach the plateau and after it, with its full pride, the Madara fortress will be in front of you. The route itself is rather time-consuming than your energy consuming.

That is why we advise you to pull together in our guesthouse with a swimming pool and additional extras ‘Zlateya’, in order to be able to face bravely the challenges of the route, leading to the ancient fortress that once protected the first Bulgarian capital city- Pliska.

When talking about Pliska, what more pleasant way to spend your afternoon than a lovely walk not anywhere but around the letters’ courtyard in Pliska.

The curious name of the landmark derives from a fabulous composition, made of the 30 letters in our alphabet, chipped with a special army stone.

Alongside our guests will remain enchanted of a gallery with numerous pictures in which are kept memories from the conversion to Christianity of Bulgarian people. 

The sacred rock Daul Tash is an excellent example of the next cultural wealth located on the territory of the village of Madara. An interesting fact for the sacred rocky formation is connected to its initial shape that resembled Daul Tash of an enormous pillar rather than something else. Whether this is true or just another legend we cannot say for sure however the story about its sacred presence is still in the air in these lands even and today.

While walking around the cultural landmarks in the area don’t forget to visit for a minute and the so-called Roman Villa in Madara.

Considered as an extremely bright pattern for an impressive architecture in roman style the so-called Roman Villa, less known as Villa Rustica, brings us too far historical times, distinctive with its typical agricultural villas, spread among the provinces of the Roman Empire during that time.